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Mobile Science Education

Recent developments in hand held imaging technology combined with more power creative Apps have created a fertile environment with new opportunities and ideas in mobile science education.

USF Pharmacy of the Future

I’ve run into some pretty powerful innovators that deserve recognition. Kevin Sneed is one of them. Dr. Sneed, Health Dean and Professor at the College of Pharmacy of USF (University of Southern Florida, Tampa) describes the pharmacy of the future they created.

Digital Information Strategies

In providing information about your products and services, it really pays to look down the road and strategically plan for how you’re going to get there in the next two to three years.

3D Design – Gaining STEAM in Biotechnology

Design is at the heart of all innovation. Good design comes from mankind’s continuous urge to create new and better tools for itself. Design is omnipresent in our daily lives.

The Intersection of Art, Science and Technology

The intersection of art, science and technology is as alive today as at any time in history. At no other point, since the Renaissance has this been truer. The digital communications revolution has spawned an entire remarkable world of tools that are just beginning to have applications on the sciences. This modern version of renaissance […]

Connecting Consumers to Healthcare

“The consumer role in healthcare is changing from passive to active. Changes in the health care industry are arming consumers with more knowledge and better tools to be more engaged than ever in their health. These changes are shifting the power dynamics and economics of the industry.”

Produced by the research and industry analyst team at Parks Associates, the two day event delivered a powerful program for innovators everywhere. Here I highlight the points that heard that define this rapid growing section

Are You Ready for Some CES? You Have to Be If You Are in Consumer Health

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the largest event that ties technology to consumers in the US. Over the past 3 years, the section covering health, fitness, and health care has exploded. Everyone wants to have control of their own bodies and health. We are all looking for ways of monitoring, analyzing, and improving our health – whether it is through better communications with our doctors and medical support, our personal fitness, or …

Philips & SalesForce: Combining Technologies for Patient Care

Philips & SalesForce: Combining Technologies for Patient Care On June 24, 2014, Philips introduced their latest platform for providing patient care with eCareCompanion and eCareCoordinator. “Can you make it scalable to millions and millions of patients; can you make it secure; and finally, can you make it adaptable?” More importantly, “how can we make an […]

Who buys natural, organic and other healthy products? Why?

Who buys natural, organic and other healthy products? Why? View the just released Consumer Segmentation white paper from New Hope Natural Media.  This one of the best analysis of purchasing styles of demographic and psychographic market segments for natural health. Click on the cover graphic above to view the entire report.  Or select the button […]