Jose Bolanos

Jose Bolanos  is the Managing Director of Venture-Med Angel investment group focused on healthcare innovation.  He speaks on topics related to innovation in healthcare and funding healthcare startups.  He is a HIMSS member and strategist for numerous healthcare IT companies.  He is a Stanford trained physician with over  25 years in private practice and vast experience in minimally invasive surgery, obstetrics, gynecology and infertility.  He has prior experience in managed care as the CEO of New Americas Medical Group.  He was past Chief Strategist for Life Med ID, a company delivering patient identity solutions.Jose’s Areas of Focus:

Healthcare IT: mobile health – wearables and sensors – EMRs, PHRs – network security  and HIPAA – Telemedicine 
Biopharma: diagnostic – therapeutic – genomic

Dan Charobee, MBA pic

Dan Charobee


Dan Charobee  is a speaking and business professional that develops capacity building, executive leadership, and transition programs. He co-founded a publishing company in 1999 that today publishes magazines for military personnel with a worldwide circulation over 2 million and is an active member of the nonprofit community. Dan was active in the development of a city’s first Family Resource Center and was the originator and co-founder of a cable TV program. He has an MBA in Technology Management and a BS in LEC from the Penn State University, College of Health & Human Development.Dan’s Area of Focus:
Hospital Future Technologies: Research & Development – Innovation – Surgical technologies – Patient Care – Satisfaction Scores – Preventing re-hospitalization – Remote monitoring of chronic illness

Hilary Weber

Hilary Weber

Hilary Weber is passionate about healthcare innovation because it will shape the future of our lives. Her mission is to “do whatever it takes” to enable teams and startups to grow, thrive and become enterprises that sustain strong cultures and long-term innovation. She is a healthcare veteran, Berkeley-Haas MBA, seasoned business leader, digital marketing expert, entrepreneur, leadership consultant and experienced professional coach. She founded her company, Opportu Startup Leadership, in 2012. Hilary is a writer, speaker and competition judge, as well as a venture advisor at Skydeck (U.C. Berkeley’s accelerator) and Astia. She is currently working on her first book.

Hilary’s Area of Focus:
Entrepreneurship: incubators – accelerators – mentoring – strategies – investor pitch materials


Tim Graves

Tim Graves is an Executive Sales Management and Marketing professional with sales and leadership expertise in medical devices including 19 years with Biomet Inc. Tim has hired, trained, and mentored top national sales performers and is often a guest lecturer at sales events. He has a specialized knowledge in “go to market” strategies with direct employees and independent sales agents. Since 2007 he has been the Founder and President of Focus Surgical Inc., a best in class distributorship targeting devices for various marketplaces. He is a graduate of Penn State University with a BS in Marketing and Speech Communications. Tim resides in San Francisco.

Tim’s Area of Focus:
Medical Devices: orthopedic – vascular – neuro


Rika Nakazawa



Rika Nakazawa is an avid advocate for women in Tech and Entrepreneurship, Rika’s background spans 17 years in business development, partnerships, marketing, and strategy deployment roles.  She has experience in tech, across IOT, e-commerce, wireless/mobile application, hardware & software, digital content, technology, games & media & entertainment, and consumer goods industry sectors.  Based in the bay area, Rika is on the advisory board for venture-backed companies in Big Data and Payments, and has spent the past year immersed in Lean Startup Consulting.

Rika’s Area of Focus:
Women in Tech and Entrepreneurship