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Healthcare by 2033

The Future of Healthcare by 2023-2033

The future of healthcare, where will we be by 2023. Thoughts from the geniuses at Astra Zeneca and a glimpse into the research and outlook of biopharma treatments of diseases.

Liquids that grow bone?

Liquids that grow human bone? Sounds crazy but they are now commonly used in all sorts of Orthopedic applications. Two weeks ago the FDA approved another product called Augment from Biomimetics. Here is a story of innovation, FDA approvals, and investment…

USF Pharmacy of the Future

I’ve run into some pretty powerful innovators that deserve recognition. Kevin Sneed is one of them. Dr. Sneed, Health Dean and Professor at the College of Pharmacy of USF (University of Southern Florida, Tampa) describes the pharmacy of the future they created.