vClipboard for Better Patient Registration Process.

Better Patient Registration Process.

There is a problem in healthcare that needs addressing, the patient registration process. How many of you have asked yourself, “not again, filling out these intake forms?” Well the industry is taking note, this is a problem that affects patient experience as seen by satisfaction scores (eg. Press-Gainey Scoring) which are an important determinant in Medicare reimbursement to hospitals. Medicare is placing a premium on the enhanced patient experience by mandating improvements in these scores.

Nimbus-T is a healthcare information technology company that is working with industry to enhance the patient registration experience. We are participating with the WEDI (workgroup on electronic data interchange), the Sullivan Institute for Healthcare Innovation, HIMSS, Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), and other cross industry representatives to streamline the patient intake process through the Virtual Clipboard (vClipboard) initiative.

The vClipboard initiative will focus on:

  • reducing administrative tasks at patient check-in
  • providing an alternative to the lack of a single, secure system wide patient identifier
  • reducing the cost for ID management using readily available technologies that exist today such as QR codes and mobile apps.

The industry wide solution will have the following criteria:

  • a user is to identify themselves with an encrypted ID
  • a user is to authenticate properly to ensure correct record matching
  • the system is to leverage multi-factor authentication
  • the system must assure non-repudiation, assuring that any access or action is indisputably attributed to that single individual or task level authorization
  • must have audit capability, privacy of information and data integrity
  • must have compliance to federal regulations and flexibility of use

The creation of this workgroup comes at a critical time as healthcare continues to move to a mobile platform and a person’s personal information can be attacked as we have seen with recent large-scale breaches on Target and Anthem. Any company associated with the patient care continuum from payer to provider must realize that any data breach is enough to seriously impact a company’s financial performance. It can also seriously compromise care delivery with improper record matching, duplicate medical records and fraudulent access to healthcare.

Nimbus-KeyNimbus-T is in a unique position to offer an industry wide solution for securing patient identities while taking cost and inefficiencies out of the patient admissions and billing process. We have a patent pending technology that is called a Nimbus-Key™, a new security token that is a double encrypted global ID that is literally an “armored truck” protecting other identities associated with a person. The Nimbus-Key™ is an encrypted ID output as a QR code, but only read by our app which can decrypt the identity and access your information. Our system is a scalable SAAS platform that manages the Nimbus-Key™ encrypted identity which is linked to other important identities and information such as insurance ID, prescription plan id, hospital locations and medical IDs (MRNs) and we use multi-factor authentication to for enhanced security. When smart card technology uses “chip and pin” or “chip and finger print”. Our system uses similar “NKey and PIN” or “NKey and finger print”. We provide encrypted end-to-end ID protection, from card to server just like contact chip cards. The difference? We provide an alternative that is 50-75% less expensive. Also the readers are ubiquitous, either laser scanner, smart phone or Webcam with our application decrypts the Nimbus-Key™ to be able to access all a person’s important information.


We are providing solutions for healthcare institutions, insurance carriers and providers of healthcare.

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Article by Michael Innes, MBA

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