Are You Ready for Some CES? You Have to Be If You Are in Consumer Health

CES_2013_600x400The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the largest event that ties technology to consumers in the US.  Over the past 3 years, the section covering health, fitness, and health care has exploded.  Everyone wants to have control of their own bodies and health.  We are all looking for ways of monitoring, analyzing, and improving our health – whether it is through better communications with our doctors and medical support, our personal fitness, or our nutrition.

I first noticed the section on the South Hall floor (usually filled with peripheral companies and technology) three years ago.  Two years ago, I noticed a conference that brought together interested companies to discuss new advances in health technology for consumers.  Last year, the Digital Health Summit made some real impact, bringing in experts in health, fitness, and technology for a symposium focusing on the direction of consumer technology.CES_2013_BigScreen_600x400

In addition to the expected mega-screen TVs, digital tablets, curved cell phones, and cutting edge digital photo equipment, the health focus has brought out celebrities including Dr. Oz and a broad variety of fitness experts.CES_2013_Digital_Health_Summit

This year, it promises to be bigger than ever.  New communications and sensor technology are merging here to showcase multiple ways to sustain and improve a healthy lifestyle as well as care for those of us that need assistance, freeing up others to improve everyone’s quality of life.Dr OZ CES_2013_300x450

If you are developing, funding, or looking for your next venture, CES is a place to view the mass market of consumer device development.

Still, the largest technology event I have visited, the CES promises to be the perfect place to meet at the 6th Annual Digital Health Summit and the CONNECTIONS™ Summit at CES: Monetizing Smart Home Solutions & Connected Device on January 6, 2015.

Join Innov8Med in JaCES_2013Sonynuary 2015 to sample what is trending, what you can participate in, and what you can develop for this rapidly growing market.

If you have been there, you know it is a busy and crowded show.  Let us know if you plan to attend and want to connect.

Dan Charobee, MBA
Publisher, Editor

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