Role, Guidelines and Responsibilities


Your role as an editorial contributor is to process information.  You are the eyes,  ears, senses and cognition of the Innov8Med community. More importantly,  you are the voice,  gestures, and body language communicating and connecting them. We will assist you in making connections, getting press access to events, and projecting a professional image to the community.copy-Innov8Med-DigMedia-logo-LoRes.png


This is a series of guidelines to help integrate you and your work effectively and comfortably. It is meant to make your own life and Innov8Med more successful.
  • Writing 2.0 – Coming up with ideas for an article,  feature or post sometimes appears daunting;  while you are standing in the middle of an information hurricane. Here are some quick tips:
    • Keep a note taking device nearby at all times.
      • Early on, this meant keeping a notepad next to your bed at night. Today, it means picking up your smart phone and punching the note or Evernote button and writing or dictating your thought or concept.
    • Always ask yourself – can I tell people about this?
      • Writing is a frame of mind.  Every encounter you have can be viewed in the context of who is this important to? Just you, your friends, family or colleagues, or the world.
    • Learn to separate the interesting from the important.
      • Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer first teamed up to cover the United States Senate Watergate hearings for PBS in 1973, which led to an Emmy Award win. This recognition led to the 1975 creation of The Robert MacNeil Report. Jim Lehrer told an audience that his secret was in advice he received.  It was simply separate the interesting from the important and cover the important.  What is interesting to you may not be important.  Learn the difference.
    • Remember that you are simply expanding your connections.
      • Writing is a craft that once developed is right up there with public speaking.  Today as in previous times, the written word is the most easily transmitted, passed on, and valued over time of any communication.  You are constantly honing your writing skills.  We are providing you with the platform to expand your audience and your valuable connections.
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    7 Secrets to Writing Killer Content by LinkedIn

    Editorial Comportment – Being an editorial contributor gives you access to some of the highest levels of corporate,  government and organizational leadership.  It can create lifelong relationships, referrals,  and opportunities.  Here’s how to appear professional and personal:

    • Introduction
      • Introduce yourself as a contributor, writer or editor.  Let them know you are working on an article, blog or feature.  Avoid guaranteeing publication.  Talk about considering because you or we may find the information that they provide  to be self servicing, trite or just not useful.
    • Persistence
      • It takes persistence to get what you want in any situation.  If it is important enough, persistence pays off.  Look at every situation as a long term relationship.  If you don’t get the response or cooperation you want, move on and come back to it at a later date.
    • Inquisitiveness
      • Every writer worth their salt (like that term) will tell you that you need to dig a little or a lot to get to something that is important.  Use questions (Socratic method) to get to where you want to end up with your writing.
    • Delivery
      • If it is not useful, drop it.  If it is useful, finish it as soon as you can.  Deliver your final work product and get it out. You will feel the sense of accomplishment, have something of value to the community, and be able to reference it in your career development.
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      Interviewing Techniques


      • Keep the source of your information in the loop.  If you have interviewed someone, update them when you take it to another stage of completion.  Give them the opportunity to correct anything that is inaccurate either by having them involved in your edits, or asking them for a comment.  Upon publication, make sure they get an email of the URL (page) that the article is published on along with suggestions on how they can link to it or share it.
  • Content Development – developing your content is easy once you recognize your objective. Are you focusing on something to get it recognized, are you giving A blow by blow of what occurred, or are you scratching below the surface and getting into the meat of an issue?
    • Be clear on what your objective is.  It will make the article more effective and provide everyone with a better experience in working with you and us.
  • Innov8Med posting specifics – Your access to posting is fairly easy.  The new post area contains a title section, copy section, and image section.  Within the copy section, you can add images and embed videos.  The add images is mostly menu driven, with our site utilizing images that are 600 X 400 dpi (approximately).  The site reformats images and enables you to add links.  Video embeds are handled in the text tab (rather than the regular visual tab.  An embed code from a video source can be added there.  NEW CONTRIBUTORS – PLEASE DO NOT UPDATE YOUR POST BY PRESSING THE UPDATE OR PUBLISH BUTTON.  LEAVE IT AS A DRAFT FOR AN EDITOR OR ADMINISTRATOR TO REVIEW.
  • Tags and Categories – These areas enable readers to choose related articles and information.  Try to use the list of most used ones if possible.  It will enable readers of other articles and posts to find yours more easily.
  • SEO – This area is for search engines to find your articles.  The tabs at the top of that area will walk you through the best ways to get the highest recognition.


  • Write or Cite – You are expected to understand that your finished article, feature or post is submitted as your own work.  Anything that was created by someone else has to be cited or credited to the appropriate person or entity. You can write about something written or said, but not give the impression that you originated it.
  • Illustrations and images – While it is very easy to find and include images of almost anything; most are protected by copyright by their owners.  Larger and more sophisticated organizations have press and media centers on their websites providing access to their images. Innov8Med has a working agreement with an illustrator willing to provide images without fees. There are a variety of online services that provide low cost and royalty free images.  Finally, almost all image providers require acknowledgment.
  • Embedded video – Innov8med does not host videos on our server.  With a few clicks of the mouse, you can find the best way that video providers offer to share their videos.