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Partnering for Cures – Medical Device Innovation Consortium

A public – partnership dedicated to advancing the regulatory science in the medical device space. It’s members include the FDA, the NIH, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid, industry and nonprofits.

JP Morgan Healthcare Conference 2015 in San Francisco

If you have ever attended the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference and Biotech Showcase, you know how big it is. This is the 33rd Annual event from January 12-15 and is focused on the greatest developments in healthcare will bring more than 5,000 representatives of drug companies, investment bankers, venture capitalists, lawyers and scientists. Union Square will be teeming with energy and excitement.

One on One with a Designer – Designing Brain-Sensing Technology

“My background is neuroscience, design and psychotherapy. I was a practicing therapist. I would see person after person with anxiety, depression and the inability to manage their mental state. I started working in the research lab of Dr. Steve Mann, a professor at the University of…”

What’s It Like To Hear Color? TED Radio Gives Medical Innovation a New Perspective

The program is “Neil Harbisson: What’s It Like To Hear Color?” It is the amazing tale of a color blind young man that gains the ability to take his creative skills to an unprecedented level through medical innovation.

One on One with a Venture Capital Partner – Investing in Healthcare

We met with Skip Fleshman, Partner at Asset Management Ventures at the Connected Health Symposium in San Diego. We asked him about trends in venture capital funding. Here is our interview..

A Great Leap Forward in Spine and Limb Lengthening Surgeries

Every year thousands of children undergo limb length and scoliosis correction surgery… Doctors and medical device companies have long sought a better way and that is where Ellipse Technologies has succeeded.

Hottest IPO of the Year: Giving Legs To Previously Disabled

If you are looking for success in medical devices, ReWalk (RWLK) would be a good one to emulate. Today, ReWalk executives rang the opening bell at Nasdaq. Business press has crowned them Hottest IPO of the Year. In case your missed it: Marlborough, MA—June 26, 2014 — Exoskeleton leader ReWalk Robotics announced today that the U.S. […]

Connecting Consumers to Healthcare

“The consumer role in healthcare is changing from passive to active. Changes in the health care industry are arming consumers with more knowledge and better tools to be more engaged than ever in their health. These changes are shifting the power dynamics and economics of the industry.”

Produced by the research and industry analyst team at Parks Associates, the two day event delivered a powerful program for innovators everywhere. Here I highlight the points that heard that define this rapid growing section

Timelapse: Printing new ears with a 3D printer

Dutch researchers are working with the Burn Foundation to utilize 3D Printing to assist in the reconstruction of burn victims faces. Cartilage and other supportive tissue are being emulated by several biopolymers and proposed to be utilized in 3D printing to complete an ear.

Bridging the Innovation Gap, Uniting Doctor Driven Ideas and Medical Device Manufacturers

I recently attended a physician society dinner and was seated at a table enjoying a glass of wine with the usual chatter over all of the healthcare changes.  As the discussion settled down, the doctor next to me leaned my way and quietly began a conversation.  He described in general terms an idea he had […]