USF Pharmacy of the Future


I’ve run into some pretty powerful innovators that deserve recognition. Kevin Sneed is one of them.

During dinner at the Exponential Medicine symposium in San Diego, Dr. Kevin Sneed, Health Dean and Professor at the College of Pharmacy of USF (University of Southern Florida, Tampa) described the pharmacy of the future they created.  As an advocate of innovation, I loved seeing the enthusiasm he has for the programs his department has been developing.  You can feel the energy he creates when he talks about the pharmacy they have created.

Creating relationships and fostering collaboration between students, the university, and private enterprise are all visible in his team’s efforts and succesful launch of the pharmacy of the future.  The video below walks you through their accomplishment.  His detailing how they accomplished it inspires us on how to have a significant impact while creating a business.

USF Pharmacy of the Future

As Kevin talked, he brought in all of the people, departments and entities that collaborated on the project.  With a sweep of his hand to the technology director sitting between us he described the critical role that they had transforming the team’s vision of a video display that shows the live operations of a pharmacy without showing any confidential information.

Google_Glass_Kevin_Sneed_600x410You can see how a leader such as Kevin, can hold a vision, explain it, and credit the team members for their individual and collective accomplishments.  It is infectious. You want to work on that team. You want to be part of their success.

Hands on works great for Kevin and his team.  Once they have a vision, everyone can clearly see where they are going, and contribute to how to get there effectively.  Kevin talked about how the local big pharmacy companies quickly called to see “what they were doing.”

In a traditional sense, the  corporate pharmacies may have smelled competition.  Once they understood the vision and the impact the university’s College of  Pharmacy had on developing educated professionals in pharmacy, creating innovation in pharma, and customer attraction, they participated and together they are creating the real world pharmacy of the future.

by Dan Charobee, MBA

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