Selling Advertising 101

The Basics

The basic keys to sales are

  1. understanding your customer’s needs
  2. showing value in your product or service that meets the customer’s needs
  3. asking for a commitment (known as closing)

All sales calls should start with at least a basic understanding of the customer. Do some research about the product or service they provide before you contact them.  Begin with a short introduction of who you are and what you do.  Then the ABSOLUTE KEY to customer engagement is asking the proper questions to get to the customer’s needs.  Once the needs are uncovered you can then present on the value of your product that meets those needs and ask for the commitment.  Here is an example of a possible customer initial call…..

 Introductory Script

“(Introduction) Hi I am Tim Graves calling from  We are a digital media company launching a Newsletter and Magazine dedicated to the medical device and healthcare startup space.  May I ask you a couple of questions?”

  • How do you typically advertise currently? What is important to you when you advertise? (pause and listen)
  • Are you interested in connecting with medical device or healthcare start ups?  Would this be helpful to your business? How would it help?  (pause and listen)
  • Do you have a new technology being launched that you would like us to profile?  (pause and listen)
  • Do you have an advertising budget? Is there budget left for the year? When does it renew?  (pause and listen)

By asking the questions above you should now have the content needed to present more on our services.  Try to tailor our content/services to something the customer said as important to them. Now is the time for you to discuss the benefits of Innov8med.  (but keep it relatively short)

If customer is showing initial interest….”great, what can I send you to get you plugged in to our next newsletter?  Let me connect you to Dan to discuss the details.”  (once you get a commitment stop selling.  Sales are often lost by a run on sales pitch that hits on something that changes a customer’s mind.  In sales we have a mantra “don’t buy it back by continuing to sell after you have a customer commitment”)

If No…..”How could we make our content more aligned to your needs?  Any suggestions for improvement?”  (This question will help us develop our content or services to the customer’s needs going forward)  “Can I circle back with you after we have developed that area more?”

Marketing Data


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Newsletter Subscribers

Our subscriber base is comprised of industry insiders.  Here is the demographic makeup of that list:

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Extended Distribution

The Innov8Med eMagazine or InfoExperience will reach out beyond our regular base.  Here is the distribution plan:


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