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Trending Now: New Digital Tools for Outpatient Education & Clinical Efficiency

When you work in any specialized field, you’re bound to see trends over time.  Working with health startups is no exception – I work with them every day and I’m definitely seeing some trends. One that has popped up on my radar lately are companies that are creating tools for patients to self-educate after they […]

One on One with a Venture Capital Partner – Investing in Healthcare

We met with Skip Fleshman, Partner at Asset Management Ventures at the Connected Health Symposium in San Diego. We asked him about trends in venture capital funding. Here is our interview..

InnovationEX: Turning Ideas into Actions

InnovationEX features innovations and ideas at the North York General Hospitals in Toronto. This video shows a few of the innovations from these hospitals.

2014 U.S. News Conference – Hospital of Tomorrow (1)

This is the first part of a multi-part coverage of the conference celebrating 25 years of service for US News Best Hospitals and the Hospital of Tomorrow.

Healthy Living in Hollywood: Jessica Alba’s Honest Enterprise

I attended Vator Splash LA, held in Santa Monica, CA this past Thursday.

Calling All UC Alumni Entrepreneurs: Get Ready to LAUNCH with the Lester Center!

Are you a current or aspiring entrepreneur?  And are you (or one of your core startup team) an alumnus of the UC educational system?  Then listen up – there are changes happening to the long-established startup competition sponsored by the Lester Center for Entrepreneurship that have widened the scope to include alumni from all of […]

Connecting Consumers to Healthcare

“The consumer role in healthcare is changing from passive to active. Changes in the health care industry are arming consumers with more knowledge and better tools to be more engaged than ever in their health. These changes are shifting the power dynamics and economics of the industry.”

Produced by the research and industry analyst team at Parks Associates, the two day event delivered a powerful program for innovators everywhere. Here I highlight the points that heard that define this rapid growing section

Boston Children’s Challenges Innovators

The world’s top thought leaders will take on the challenge of pediatric health care this October. “Be inspired by experts who are developing solutions in the fields of rare diseases; predictive analytics and big data; and mobile and digital health.

Taking a worldwide perspective, the 2014 Global Pediatric Innovation Summit + Awards is designed to address unmet needs, solve problems and seize opportunities in pediatric health care. Join a vibrant mix of thought leaders including clinicians, health care leaders, venture capitalists, policy makers, payers and other stakeholders for a productive exchange about the most pressing pain points in pediatric medicine.

Are You Ready for Some CES? You Have to Be If You Are in Consumer Health

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the largest event that ties technology to consumers in the US. Over the past 3 years, the section covering health, fitness, and health care has exploded. Everyone wants to have control of their own bodies and health. We are all looking for ways of monitoring, analyzing, and improving our health – whether it is through better communications with our doctors and medical support, our personal fitness, or …

Hanging with the Hackers at MedHack

Have you ever attended a health hackathon?  If you haven’t, you should give it a shot, especially if you have caught the “entrepreneurial bug”.  I attended MedHack last Saturday in San Francisco, at UCSF’s McLaren Hall.  MedHack is an event produced by Prebacked,  a health accelerator located in San Francisco. Before letting anyone code wildly […]