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How Are You Staying Current with Health Innovation?

Vator Splash is hosting a new event on health innovation on Feb 12, 2015 in Oakland, CA.

The Problems (and Possibilities) of Health Startup Partnerships

HealthXL is a partnership of 11 of the biggest corporations in healthcare, including Cleveland Clinic, IBM and Janssen Healthcare Innovation, to name a few. They have “audacious” goals of solving some of the biggest problems in the industry.

Urgent! Please Donate to Ebola Response Fund

The UN is playing a significant role in helping the countries of West Africa respond to the Ebola crisis, by mobilizing the global community and by providing technical assistance, funding, supplies, and personnel.

Calling All UC Alumni Entrepreneurs: Get Ready to LAUNCH with the Lester Center!

Are you a current or aspiring entrepreneur?  And are you (or one of your core startup team) an alumnus of the UC educational system?  Then listen up – there are changes happening to the long-established startup competition sponsored by the Lester Center for Entrepreneurship that have widened the scope to include alumni from all of […]

Sofft to Reduce Biohazard Blood Stains in Healthcare?

A new startup company called Nirvanatex and CEO, Vinod Nair, PhD has produced a new laundry softener called Sofft. After talking to Vinod and seeing the unique value proposition of this technology, amazing stain repellant properties, I focused on the applications in healthcare. Every hospital, clinic, surgical center, skilled nursing facility encounters problems with biohazard materials and fluids.