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Healthy Living in Hollywood: Jessica Alba’s Honest Enterprise

I attended Vator Splash LA, held in Santa Monica, CA this past Thursday.

Boston Children’s Challenges Innovators

The world’s top thought leaders will take on the challenge of pediatric health care this October. “Be inspired by experts who are developing solutions in the fields of rare diseases; predictive analytics and big data; and mobile and digital health.

Taking a worldwide perspective, the 2014 Global Pediatric Innovation Summit + Awards is designed to address unmet needs, solve problems and seize opportunities in pediatric health care. Join a vibrant mix of thought leaders including clinicians, health care leaders, venture capitalists, policy makers, payers and other stakeholders for a productive exchange about the most pressing pain points in pediatric medicine.

Apple Pay is Revolutionary

Apple pay is a revolutionary new secure method of payment. Am Ex, visa, MC and now Discover Cards are on board. You take a picture of your CC and Apple verifies it with your bank, an encrypted number is attached to that CC, also an encrypted ID is issued to your phone. The system authenticates […]

Direct Sales Representatives or Independent Agents, The balance between cost of sales and lack of focus

One of the debates I frequently hear regarding medical device sales distribution is “should I hire direct W2 sales representatives or tap into a network of 1099 agents and their relationships?” The positives and negatives are pretty clear and still opinions are strong on both sides of the choice.

Calcium and Mitigating Genetic Risk for Diabetes.

Higher Calcium Intake May Reduce Body Fat,
Mitigating Genetic Risk for Diabetes
Study shows calcium intake mitigates genetic risk for increased body fat in African-American children, a population with historically low calcium intake and high risk for diabetes

Wearable Technology and Amazing Cochlear Implants.

Rami Banna is an engineer, product champion and technology evangelist. He has a passion for communicating technology, entrepreneurship and healthcare. He describes the wonder of cochlear implants and how they have revolutionized not just wearables but implantables. He is driving to advance other wonderful technologies that will allow other human senses to be restored, not just hearing, but sight.

CoreMobile to Enhance Surgical Suite Operations

CoreMobile is a startup company in Northern California that is automating processes in the operating room. Many times when a patient is scheduled for surgery, processes break down and the surgery may be delayed or rescheduled. It may be that paperwork, lab, or xrays were not available or maybe the patient ate when they were not supposed to.

CoreMobile is a new platform for assisting the OR team to coordinate and be more efficient. http://coremobileinc.com

Operating Room of the Future at NY Presbyterian Hospital.

New York Presbyterian Hospital has moved the bar upward, creating the “operating room” of the future. The technology in this new surgical suite allows for more efficient surgery with enhanced visualization using the latest endoscopic and imaging technologies. Physicians are a new breed, today they are required to know surgery, radiology, digital technology and communication and integrate with new knowledge base developments.

Why Heartbleed is the most dangerous security flaw on the web.

REPORT Why Heartbleed is the most dangerous security flaw on the web By Russell Brandom 10 Hours Ago. Monday afternoon, the IT world got a very nasty wakeup call, an emergency security advisory from the OpenSSL project warning about an open bug called “Heartbleed.” The bug could be used to pull a chunk of working […]

Sharon Weinbar

Sharon Wienbar of Scale Venture Partners

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