Sofft to Reduce Biohazard Blood Stains in Healthcare?

A new startup company called Nirvana Technologies and CEO, Vinod Nair, PhD has produced a new laundry softener called Sofft.  After talking to Vinod and seeing the unique value proposition of this technology, amazing stain repellant properties, I focused on the applications in healthcare.  Every hospital, clinic, surgical center, skilled nursing facility encounters problems with biohazard materials and fluids.  These could be blood penetrating into a surgeon’s clothing during a operation or delivering a baby.  As a retired ob/gyn, I have first hand experience, after delivering over 8.000 babies, there were numerous times where I needed to change my “greens” after being exposed to fluids and blood. Such exposure, garments that allow easy penetration of biohazardous fluids,  poses a significant risk to healthcare workers.  This new anti-stain technology has vast applications and can provide a safer work environment for healthcare workers.


    Vinod Nair PhD

Vinod Nair PhD

Greg Van Buskirk PhD

Greg Van Buskirk PhD

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New Sofft repels  stains and fluids.

This image below shows red wine on cotton material which has been washed at home using normal detergent followed by Sofft in the softener cycle. It has properties that prevents fluids and oils from adhering and penetrating the material.



redwine on cotton

redwine on cottonDr Vinod Nair stated that using this product would reduce the amount of detergent needed to clean linens and garments by 50-75%, this is not only cost effective but environmentally desirable.

Sofft has launched a kickstarter campaignkickstarter.  I must say that I  frequently spill and stain my shirts when at dinner.  This past week, when it happened again, I really wanted Sofft in my laundry.  For all healthcare workers, keep an ear out for this amazing product which will make your work environment a bit safer.



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