How Are You Staying Current with Health Innovation?

iStock_000012107866XSmallAs a healthcare professional, it’s truly difficult to stay current – especially with the explosion of new healthtech happening these days.  So how do you do it?

Hopefully, you take advantage of great online resources like (OK, shameless plug for the home team!)  But, sometimes getting in a room with your peers as well as health innovation experts (including budding ones) is the best approach.  Immersing yourself for a few hours (or an entire day if you can pull it off) in new ideas, inspiration and breakthroughs that no one has seen yet can help you “make a quantum leap into Currentville”.

Along those lines, mark your calendar for this event: Vator Splash Health. It’s going to be held in Oakland, California at Kaiser Center on February 12, 2015.  At this one event, you can hear from a wide range of speakers, from a seasoned veteran like Dr. Robert Pearl, CEO of The Permanente Medical Group (Kaiser Permanente’s physicians) to some outstanding, competing finalists new health entrepreneurs that you’ve never heard of (yet) to success stories from disruptors like Ryan Howard, CEO of Practice Fusion (check here to see the entire line-up).  Think of the ideas that will be exchanged, the lessons learned – and the cutting edge health innovations that you wouldn’t know about for quite a while if you weren’t in that room.

I encourage you to make it a point to “get out of the building” – away from your desk, your patients, your team, your staggering email in-box – and just soak in some new ideas for just part of a day.  February 12th is far enough out that you can hopefully rearrange your meetings and get a solid helping of health innovation to start the New Year off right.  Why not register now?

And, if you have a health startup – you have 4 more days to enter the Vator Splash Health startup competition!  If you’re less than 3 years in with less than $3 million in funding, apply today!  Deadline is Friday, December 19th at midnight.

Make a plan to stay current, folks!  Health innovation is moving really, really fast.

Hilary Weber, founder, Opportu Startup Leadership.

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