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vClipboard for Better Patient Registration Process.

There is a problem in healthcare that needs addressing, the patient registration process. How many of you have asked yourself, “not again, filling out these intake forms?” Well the industry is taking note, this is a problem that affects patient experience as seen by satisfaction scores (eg. Press-Gainey Scoring) which are an important determinant in Medicare reimbursement to hospitals. Medicare is placing a premium on the enhanced patient experience by mandating improvements in these scores.

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5 Tough Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Launch Your Health Startup

If you’re keeping tabs on the health startup space, you know that it’s white-hot! Digital, SaaS, mobile, even hip new medical devices that “talk” to your iPhone.

Congress Addresses Medical Device Innovation

As a preliminary to the US Energy and Commerce Committee’s Subcommittee on Health, the House Committee Chariman, Fred Upton (R) Michigan and Congresswoman Diana DiGette (D) Colorado announced the committee’s healthcare innovation strategies. With a goal of America as the “healthcare innovation capitol of the world,” the committee is focused on the federal drug and […]