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Apple Pay is Revolutionary

Apple pay is a revolutionary new secure method of payment. Am Ex, visa, MC and now Discover Cards are on board. You take a picture of your CC and Apple verifies it with your bank, an encrypted number is attached to that CC, also an encrypted ID is issued to your phone. The system authenticates […]

Apple Keeps Innovating. Being Different.

Tim Cook greeted a very large audience in Cupertino, the location of major historic significance for Apple. Introducing the new iPhone, a beautiful new iPhone. The iPhone 6 and 6 plus has larger displays with a new Retina HD Display, a higher resolution over prior Retina display. It has an ion strengthened glass with a more beautiful and colorful display.

Which healthcare startup category has seen more than 350% annual growth in funding in 2014?

Yes, we’re comparing all of 2013 to only Q1 and Q2 of 2014 (that’s how explosive digital healthcare is!) … Here are the categories that scored highest in funding in 2013: –    Payer administration –    Digital medical devices –    Analytics and big data –    Healthcare consumer engagement –    Population health management –    Personalized medicine If […]

SmartThings is Acquired by Samsung

A great stories of a successful startup, SmartThings is being acquired by Samsung. The internet of things is the next big thing. SmartThings started as a Kickstarter campaign in 2012, obtained $12.5million in funding November 2013 and now with the development of a smart lineup of connected consumer devices to smart phones, they hit the payday with a price tag of about $200 million, according to Re/code (citing anonymous sources).

8 Tips for “Second Career” Healthcare Entrepreneurs, Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, we covered some important first steps to take as you embark on your second career: your foray into healthcare entrepreneurship. What are some of the other critical things you should do to set yourself up for success as you launch your new venture? However, launching any startup involves risk, no matter how sure you feel about your idea’s viability, so ensuring that you have a solid runway…

8 Tips for “Second Career” Healthcare Entrepreneurs, Part 1

So you’re thinking about becoming an entrepreneur after a career in healthcare, but don’t know quite where to begin?  Here are the first 4 of 8 solid tips to get you on your way – but first, a bit of context-setting… You’re not alone!  According to a survey done by and Millennial Branding, 45% […]

Wearable Tech Intel’s Vision

Wearables will impact future medical technology, affecting our health and fitness decisions and redefining the doctor-patient relationship. In Episode 2, we speak with academics, researchers, and a former NFL athlete to explore how wearables can improve our way of life and change the way we treat everything from mental disorders to sports injuries.

Digital Health Event Powers Future Insight

The recent Digital Health Summit, on June 19 and 20th, produced by Living in Digital Times and CEO Jill Gilbert was a resounding success. The focus was to bring companies and industry experts to connect and transform the fast evolving space of digital health. The location for the event was at the Terra Gallery in San Francisco which provided an very nice atmosphere with high ceilings, visually appealing decor, wifi access and power outlets for our laptops. I was impressed with the quality of the content and speakers for this event and was immersed in the vision of the future.

Philips & SalesForce: Combining Technologies for Patient Care

Philips & SalesForce: Combining Technologies for Patient Care On June 24, 2014, Philips introduced their latest platform for providing patient care with eCareCompanion and eCareCoordinator. “Can you make it scalable to millions and millions of patients; can you make it secure; and finally, can you make it adaptable?” More importantly, “how can we make an […]

Wearable Technology and Amazing Cochlear Implants.

Rami Banna is an engineer, product champion and technology evangelist. He has a passion for communicating technology, entrepreneurship and healthcare. He describes the wonder of cochlear implants and how they have revolutionized not just wearables but implantables. He is driving to advance other wonderful technologies that will allow other human senses to be restored, not just hearing, but sight.