Next Innovation Summit on March 5-6, 2014

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Next Innovation Summit
Anaheim Hilton, Anaheim, CA USA   March 5-6, 2014

The NEXT Innovation Summit is essential for product developers, CEO’s, CIO’s, formulators – as well as branding execs, and product marketers, retailers. It is truly where the stream of trends and next generation of products in the healthy food and beverage industry, as well as supplement market, will be conceptualize and the science will be presented as the basis.

* The NEXT Innovation Summit brings together luminaries from the nutrition, health, and technology industries to initiate new thinking around the latest science and ideas that will come together to inspire and spark innovation.  This summit typically brings together product developers, researchers, formulators, brand managers, and ingredient innovators across the healthy and functional food and beverage, dietary supplement, beauty and lifestyle markets.

However, the NEXT Innovation Summit is truly where the stream of trends and next generation of products being built by scientists and product innovators – that have been proven in the past to have high growth and become mainstream with consumers – are shared and the trickle down begins.

Consider, what  is possible in 2 days.  There is something for every stake holder in the supply chain from R&D to retail, and we want to encourage a new audience of branding and ad executives, product marketers, healthcare industry leaders to consider attending and be a part of this early stage opportunity to see what is bound to be a boon for what is to come NEXT in health and wellness, products that really work – virtually every food, beverage, supplement or beauty product we put in and on our bodies.

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Day one presentations will discuss the macro forces changing the way we innovate and do business, from globalization and the circular economy to personalized healthcare and hand-held technologies. Tracks on day two will dive deep into important issues, trends, and science shaping innovation.
If I could sum up the NEXT Innovation Summit in a few words, they would be:  Learn.  Inspire.  Opportunity.  Connect.  Create & Execute.

The NEXT Innovation Summit is collocated with Natural Products Expo West, the world’s largest trade show for the natural, organic and healthy living market, and Engredea, the ingredient and supply chain’s premier event for the health and nutrition marketplace.

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