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  • vClipboard for Better Patient Registration Process.

    There is a problem in healthcare that needs addressing, the patient registration process. How many of you have asked yourself, “not again, filling out these intake forms?” Well the industry is taking note, this is a problem that affects patient experience as seen by satisfaction scores (eg. Press-Gainey Scoring) which are an important determinant in Medicare reimbursement to hospitals. Medicare is placing a premium on the enhanced patient experience by mandating improvements in these scores.

  • Dr Wade Adams- Nanotechnology

    Dr Wade Adams: Nanotechnology in Medicine & Energy

    Dr Wade Adams is from Smalley Institute of Vision and Associate professor in engineering at Rice University. He discussed the discovery of a Carbon-60 molecule, nanotechnology innovation in medicine and energy.

  • Healthcare by 2033

    The Future of Healthcare by 2023-2033

    The future of healthcare, where will we be by 2023. Thoughts from the geniuses at Astra Zeneca and a glimpse into the research and outlook of biopharma treatments of diseases.

  • Anthem breach

    Anthem Security Breach 80 million Records Stolen

    On February 4, 2015, America awakened to an Anthem Security breach that announced, having over 80 million members private information being stolen. The information stolen included patient names, addresses, SSNs, insurance IDs, employer and income information all of which was not encrypted on the Anthem databases.

  • Google Funds $3 Million Singularity University Opportunity for Innovators

    Singularity University announced a multi-million dollar agreement with Google breaking down barriers to technology innovations creating opportunities for a more diverse group of entrepreneurs from around the world.

  • UCSF Opens $1.5 Billion Mission Bay Hospital

    UCSF has completed construction of a monumental $1.5 Billion "Next Generation" hospital at the Mission Bay Campus. The hospital complex opened February 1, 2015 after planning for 10 years and started construction in December 2010.

  • Partnering for Cures – Medical Device Innovation Consortium

    A public - partnership dedicated to advancing the regulatory science in the medical device space. It's members include the FDA, the NIH, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid, industry and nonprofits.

  • Let’s Get Healthy California Indicators Dashboard & Website RFI

    The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) is releasing a Request for Information (RFI) to elicit the advice and best analysis of knowledgeable persons in the vendor community to provide recommended solutions for the Let’s Get Healthy California (LGHC) indicators website.

  • Mobile Science Education

    Recent developments in hand held imaging technology combined with more power creative Apps have created a fertile environment with new opportunities and ideas in mobile science education.

  • Is the U.S. Having a Flu Epidemic?

    - View Animated Flu Progress Map - Influenza-like-illness (ILI) has been over baseline for the past several weeks, virological surveillance shows a lot of flu is circulating, and the hospitalization surveillance system shows increasing hospitalizations rates, especially in people 65 years and older.

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  • Healthcare by 2033

    The future of healthcare, where will we be by 2023. Thoughts from Astra Zeneca Research.

  • Dr Wade Adams- Nanotechnology

    Dr Wade Adams discusses the discovery of a Carbon-60 molecule, nanotechnology innovation in medicine and energy.

  • Malcolm Gladwell, Author, speaks about innovation in healthcare.

  • google lens, mobile health

    Google contact lens for measuring glucose levels.

  • Listen to this stellar panel of scientists.

  • Super Nutrition will keep a body healthy.