Healium energizing doctor performance in care.

Healium logoDr Carl Spitzer, CEO of Healium, a new startup company that is positioning itself to revolutionize interactions between physician and EMR systems.  Using Google glass, a doctor can view a patient’s medical record, give voice commands, request radiology images and labs.  He states, “electronic medical records have actually hindered doctor performance requiring mundane typing of information at a computer terminal, whereas Healium allows activity documentation on the go and all through voice commands”.  

The company is currently raising capital for scaling its endeavor and has several pilot projects under way.  The cost savings will be significant to hospitals in improved efficiency and patient flow.  The system does not rely on remote scribes listening to dictated patient records and transcription, but has a very sophisticated voice processing engine and artificial intelligence to assist the healthcare provider instantly.

Healium is coming to your neighborhood soon  click to view website.

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